Falcon F-16 Fighting Falcon X Manual

Falcon F-16 Fighting Falcon X Manual
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Model: Aerosoft F-16 Fighting
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Manual for the

Aerosoft F-16 Fighting Falcon X
has 50 pages
It took a long time to finish this project and during development we met some serious problems. But the
F-16 had to be done. It's the best known fighter after all. But soon after the project started it grew into a
multi headed monster that was being pulled by many people into many directions, everybody wanted
their ideal F-16 and the project nearly spun out of control because of that. But about halfway through,
we made an important decision to focus PURELY on the flying and on nothing else. So we spend all effort
on the aircraft itself and nothing on the things that are seen for some other aircraft. Things like ground
objects when the aircraft has the parking brakes set. Also we decided not to do any offensive or
defensive stuff, FSX is not a military simulator and it will at best be some nice effects. Not good enough
in our mind. So no bombs that fall or missiles that track helpless B747s


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