Cessna Model 120/140/170/190/195 Suplemental Inspection Document C100SID

Cessna Model 120/140/170/190/195  Suplemental Inspection Document  C100SID
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Cessna Model

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Suplemental Inspection Document 
has 288 pages
Cover year: August  2012
MODELS 120/140/170/190/195
1. Supplemental Structural Inspection Program
A. Objective
(1) The Supplemental Structural Inspection Program for the Cessna Model 120/140/170/170A/
170B/190/195 airplanes is based on the affected 120/140/170/170A/170B/190/195 Series
airplane current usage and inspection methods. A practical state-of-the-art inspection program
is established for each Principal Structural Element (PSE). A PSE is that structure whose
failure, if it remained undetected, could lead to the loss of the airplane. Selection of a PSE is
influenced by the susceptibility of a structural area, part, or element to fatigue, corrosion, stress
corrosion, or accidental damage.
(2) The Supplemental Structural Inspection Program was developed through the combined efforts
of Cessna Aircraft Company, operators of affected Model 120/140/170/170A/170B/190/195
airplanes, and the FAA. The inspection program consists of the current structural maintenance
inspection, plus supplemental inspections, as required, for continued airworthiness of the
airplane as years of service are accumulated. The current inspection program is considered to
be adequate in detecting corrosion and accidental damage. The emphasis of the Supplemental
Structural Inspection Program is to detect fatigue damage whose probability increases with
(3) Since fatigue damage increases at an increasing rate with increasing crack length, earlier
detection and repair minimizes the damage and the magnitude of the repair.
(4) The Supplemental Structural Inspection Program is valid for Models 120, 140 and 170
airplanes with less than 10,000 flight hours and Models 140A, 170A, 170B, 190 and
195 with less than 20,000 flight hours. Beyond this, continued airworthiness of the
airplane can no longer be assured. Retirement of this airframe is recommended when
the maximum flight hours listed above has been accumulated.
B. Function
(1) The function of the Supplemental Structural Inspection Program is to find damage from fatigue,
overload or corrosion through the use of the Nondestructive Inspections (NDI), and visual
inspections. This Supplemental Inspection Document (SID) is only for primary and secondary
airframe components. Engine, electrical items and primary and secondary systems are not
included in this document.
(2) A Corrosion Prevention and Control Program (CPCP) should be established for each airplane.
Details of the CPCP are contained in Section 2A-30-00.
2. Applicability/Limitations
A. This SID is applicable to the following airplanes:
(1) Model 120/140 serial numbers 8001 thru 15075
(2) Model 140A serial numbers 15200 thru 15724
(3) Model 170 serial numbers 18000 thru 18729
(4) Model 170A serial numbers 18730 thru 19400, and 19402 thru 20266
(5) Model 170B serial numbers 609, 19401, 20267 thru 20999, and 25000 thru 27169
(6) Model 190/195/195A/195B/LC126 serial numbers 7000 thru 7999, and 16000 thru 16183


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