Aeronca Chief Model 11-A Service Manual 1946

Aeronca Chief Model 11-A Service Manual 1946
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Model: Model 11-A
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Aeronca Service Manual

for the

Aeronca Chief Model 11-A 
has 48 pages
Cover date 1946

Table of Contents:
General Description
Specification and Performance Data
Rigging Instructions
Center of Gravity Data
Wing Information
Wing Frame Drawing
Fuselage Frame Information
Fuselage Frame Drawing
Fuselage tubing Sizes
Fairing Information
Fairing Drawing
Control System Information
Control System AIleron & Elevator Drawing
Hand Brake & Foot Brake Drawing
Control System Rudder & TrIm Tab Drawing
Fixed Equipment Information
Fixed Equipment Drawing
landIng Gear Information
Wheel Explosion Drawing
Installation Goodyear Disc Clios
landing Gear Drawing
Tail Surfaces Information
Tall Surfaces Drawing
Fuel System Information
Fuel System Drawing
Engine Information
Engine Drawing 
Starter Explosion Drawing
Cowl & Covering Information
General Explosion Drawing
Do's And Don'ts .
Lubrication Chart


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