Pitts S-2B Parts Catalog $14.95

Pitts S-2B Parts Catalog $14.95
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Model: Pitts S-2B PC
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Parts Catalog

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General Information 



Figure 1 : Wing Installation

Figure 2: Lower Wing Assembly

Figure 3: Upper Wing Assembly

Figure 4: Aileron Assembly

Figure 5: Fuselage Structure

Figure 6: Fuselage Tabs & Brackets

Figure 7: Fuselage Fairings

Figure 8: Covered Fuselage

Figure 9: Seat & Floorboard Installation

Figure 10: Tail Surfaces Installation

Figure 11: Tail Surfaces Assembly

Figure 12: Landing Gear Installation

Figure 13: Engine Installation

Figure 14: Engine Baffles

Figure 15: Cowling Installation

Figure 16: Oil System Installation

Figure 17: Fuel System Installation

Figure 18: Instruments & Placards

Figure 19: Trim Control System

Figure 20: Elevator Control System

Figure 21: Aileron Control System

Figure 22: Rudder Control System

Figure 23: Electrical System

Figure 24: Canopy Installation


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