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Vinyl Graphics are non refundable, they are made to order.  Failure to sign for a package or providing an undeliverable address the buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. 

Vinyl Graphics take skill to install properly, we are not responsible if you damage the graphics during installation.

If you do damage them contact us we will work with you.

By completing a purchase or downloading any manual/publication/ebook you agree that all downloads are non refundable. All listings are described as best we can and are purchased as is with no refunds.   Seller assumes no responsibility for the contents of downloads and/or printed materials, or as to completeness, some sections may be missing we are unable to check each document, buyer to assess whether information is suitable. Most are scans of actual manuals, and as such we cannot be held liable for smudged or unreadable pages and are provided for historical reference only. By downloading any manual or file or completing a transaction you agree to pay the advertised amount in full (even in the event of an error by site to collect payment), and any and all cost to collect will be paid by buyer. Any and all legal expenses on litigation for any reason will be paid by buyer or agent, including all travel, legal fees and any other expense or expenses related to litigation. By downloading or purchasing any material you agree to these terms. Seller does not warrant that any aircraft manual or publication is for anything other than historical purposes.
By purchasing any product you agree that seller is not in any way liable for the accuracy, effectiveness or safe use of any manual, publication or material and any publication required for any purpose other than historical purposes should be obtained from the original equipment manufacturer.
Any and all trademarks, manufacturer names are the property of their perspective owners.
Seller in no way suggests an endorsement by or affiliation with that manufacturer or supplier.




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